Why doesnt it like capitals?

From: Robert Mathews (godmud@cyberspace.com)
Date: 05/31/94

      I am very good with C, and have worked with Microsoft C on
an IBM compatible for a while.  However, I have just installed 
CIrcle MUD, but am not familiar with how it is coded.  Thus, this
may be a silly question:  When making the source files, it kept 
coming up and saying syntax error before 'int' on line 26 and 27
in utils.h.  Those lines were 'int max(int a, int b);
and int MIN(int a, int b);'  After several experiments..I simply
tried changing them to lowercase.  That os 'int min(int a, int b);
and in min(int a, int b);'  Now can anyone tell me what effect
doing this will have..after doing it the code compiled and seems to
be working.  Will this 'fix' cause something not to work.  Also
I wanted to know if anyone know why it wasnt taking the original
lines as is?

-- Celestar --

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