An interesting question

From: Test account for a MUD (
Date: 05/31/94

Hello all, 
Well I really want to get started on a new mud based on 3.0, BUT I have to wait
for next semester to hook my pc running linux into the net through the ethernet.
In the meantime, I have an interesting idea, I need some help with.  Is it at all possible to run circle out of a door on a BBS?  I can put up linux on my compu
ter here at home, and was wondering if anyone knows how I could put circle in a door.  Also, I have 2 modems and 2 lines how can i hook it up so 2 nodes can play circlemud at the same time?  Uhh and also would it be possible for me to local log on too? So
I could have like 3 people testing my mud at the same time....  These are my 
ideas, anyone know how I could do ythis, and with what bbs software, and
whatever other assorted info I need?


PS:  You can just email me back at
-Desperately needing info-

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