Re: whoops (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 06/01/94

>> Sorry, that should have read:
>> #define LEVEL_GOD	31
>> instead of
>> #define LEVEL_GOD	60

>> Been a long day.
>> -Eric
> I think I missed the original message.. what is it you're correcting? :)
> Jeremy

Argh!  It really has been a long day.... try this again and see if it makes
the list.....

Thief Spec Proc Code:

   struct char_data *cons;

   if (cmd)
      return FALSE;

      return FALSE;

   for (cons = world[ch->in_room].people; cons; cons = cons->next_in_room )
      if ((!IS_NPC(cons)) && (GET_LEVEL(cons) < 21) && (number(1, 5) == 1))
	 npc_steal(ch, cons);

   return TRUE;

Point 1:   (GET_LEVEL(cons) < 21) seems to be a check so that a thief mob
would not steal from a god back when there were only 20 levels.  This
should be changed to (GET_LEVEL(cons) < 31) for standard 30 mortal levels.

Question 1:  Instead of a raw integer value in there, would it be better
to have something such as:  (GET_LEVEL(cons) < LEVEL_GOD)
I noticed LEVEL_GOD in the last line of config.c and was not sure if
I needed to substitute it for a raw integer, or if there should be a
#define LEVEL_GOD	31
somewhere in there.

Question 2:  In other places I see LEVEL_IMM or something to that effect.
LEVEL_IMM seems to be the same as LEVEL_GOD...  (okay, that's not really
a question, just an observation).

Question 3:  Mobiles with the thief proc do not wander.  Does anyone have a
fix for this?  I believe there needs to be an else in there somewhere
so that the thief knows to relax if not stealing.  *shrug*

Okay, that's it... hope it gets through this time.


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