Circle3 Defs [was Re: What is the best mud editor?]

From: VampLestat (
Date: 06/02/94

On Thu, 2 Jun 1994, Tzung-Yu Wen wrote:

>     I am using dikued program, and I got circle3's def files from
>, file: circle3-dikued-defs-vamp.tar.gz
>     Unfortunally, it can't work! Does anyone use these def file successfully?
>     It showed 'fread_str: Error 0" or "fread_str: no such file..."
>     Any files I lacked? But I am using circle3-dikued-defs-vamp.tar.gz! 

That's the def files I've created.  Worked for me.  You might need to 
check the end of line characters.  I created them for a unix machine, are 
you using a dos machine?

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