Circle 2.20 defs

From: Robert Mathews (
Date: 06/05/94

      I download the circle 2.20 defs.  I found 2 files that I had problems 
with:  iconfig.def and iextras.def.  I was able to get it working, and
this is how you fix it.  Copy the iconfig.def from the original dikued into
a safe place before detarring the circle-2.20.defs.tar.Z file in the
directory.  After detarring, copy back the original iconfig.def into that 
directory.  Now you need to use an editor such as vi, or pico to change
the number at the top of the iextras.def.  The very first number in iextras.def
should match the number of words listed in the file - 1.  If you are
using the circle-2.20.defs.tar.Z you will have to change the 31 in the 
iextras.def to 16.

Glad to help - Celestar

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