From: Olorin (
Date: 06/06/94

Hello, I'm terribly sorry to write to all of you, but for some strange reason
my computer system refuses to believe that Mr. riethoven exists.   It tells me
that there is no such host as I don't know why.

Hopefully this will get to Mr. riethoven and my question will get answered.
I am attempting to run CircleMud on my Amiga 2000 and every time I attempt to
load the MUD I get an error that says something to the effect that there is no
such file or directory as "GETHOSTNAME: " or "GETHOSTBYNAME:" both of these
get listed as errors as well as something mentioning a file called :etc/hosts
I can not figure out what this all is, or anywa to fix it.  My friend seems to
not have this difficulty in getting the mud to run on his amiga.  I run on a
2000 with 2.04 chips but currently am running without any enhancments to speed
or processng power.  

I hope that this time the message gets to you and if you can help, please
respond to

Thanks, and sorry to all the rest of you.

Ed greaves

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