Re: Practices per level for Warriors/Thiefs

From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 06/07/94

| 	One player (warrior) asked me why, having him 18 Wis, he don't get 
| more than 2 practices per level. I checked the code and find this:
| (advance_level in limits.c)
| [...]
| 	Is this right ?  Isn't an injustice ?
| 		Sergio Macedo
| 		   or
| 		Desslar at 4000

No injustice... it's the same for Thieves, of course... you may want tto 
compare the *amount* of skills available to Warriors and Thieves with the
number of spells there are... see the difference?  If Warriors and Thieves
were to get 4 pracs/lev they'd be praced to full by 10th level, if not sooner.
They'd be REALLY bored at higher levels...  Now if you've added more skills,
it'd only be natural to allow for more pracs for warriors and thieves, but
until then a max of 2 pracs/lev is fine.  I've *always* played thieves, and
I can generally luck out and get a char with a wis > 11; with 2 pracs/lev I
will max out around 14th level... so by lev 30 I've got 16*2=32 extra pracs.

So IMO it's no injustice.. not until more skills are added.  How'd he get an
18 wis anyhow?  Items, I'd hope... though that's still a bundle of items for
a warrior to have... two jade pendants and a pontiff's headress would be +9,
and it's not *too* unrealistic for a warrior to have a 9 wis ;)


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