Re: Unix Editors
Date: 06/08/94

> Subject: Unix Editors
> Date:    6/7/94 11:21 PM
> Hello fellow imps,
>    What is a good editor (unix) to use? I haven't much experience editing on
> unix based systems. Someone suggested i use vile.. Any suggestions would be 
> greatly appriated.

vile is a challenging start for a beginner, and not really worth the effort.  

emacs is probably the most complete editor you can use, but it is big and can 
take a long time to master.

I didn't like pico because it is too small and not featured enough (I don't know
what version of pico I used, it is possible a newer version is released that 
addresses my complaints.)

The balance I think is jove, which is Jonathans Own Version of Emacs.  jove has 
many features from emacs, yet is smaller and easier to master.


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