RE: Unix Editors

From: VampLestat (
Date: 06/08/94

On Wed, 8 Jun 1994, Alexander J Skrabut wrote:
> From: (Rob Simons)
> > writes:

> > >    What is a good editor (unix) to use?
> > If you have some time to invest in learning an editor, I'd suggest EMACS,
> > it's very big, but you can do pretty much anything with it - has lots of
> > nice built-in features for C as well.
> Bah. EMACS == Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping. It's not worth it. try a
> nice small, complete editor like Pico 2.x..

Great, just what we need on this list.  The never ending religious war of 
the editors.  I'd just suggest picking on that you like and learning it 
VERY well.  Emacs, vi, whatever, just learn it backwards, forwards and 
inside out.

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