xnames bug

From: Mathue Moyer (mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU)
Date: 06/13/94

Saw somebody asking about the xnames bug a while back...
In case nobody has helped the person yet, here's the fix I
posted the first time this bug was brought up on the mailing

   The following lines are what the end of the function at the end
of ban.c (it's called Read_Invalid_List or something like that)
_should_ look like:

   CREATE(invalid_list, namestring, num_invalid);

   while (!feof(fp)) {
      fscanf(fp, "%s", invalid_list[i++]);

   /* make sure there are no nulls in there */
>>>   for (i = 0; (i < num_invalid) && *invalid_list[i]; i++);
>>>      if (!(*invalid_list[i])) num_invalid = i;


Note that the changed code is limited to the two marked lines.
I'm pretty sure that's what I changed, anyway....  If that doesn't
work, get in touch with me via email and I'll just mail you a copy of
our ban.c

Happy Coding...

-Mathue Moyer

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