Re: MOBProg patches (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 06/15/94 writes:
> Here is where you are wrong.  The script is ONLY parsed if it's relavant,
> and only parsed as far along as is needed. ;)  Yes, it is a bit slower
> than coding in C, however, the speed difference to your standard user
> is NOT going to be all that great unless you have a huge number of users
> on triggering huge numbers of events at any given time (and by huge I do
> mean huge, not just 10-20 a second, but on the order of more than a hundred
> a second, which most muds will NOT get)

While I will agree that the speed difference is virtually non-existant, I
do disagree with the relavent part.  While it is true that every ten
seconds a standard CircleMUD will go through every mob, this does not have
to be the case.  It is extremely simple to set up a simple queue to
handle aggressive mobs, mobs that take items and mobs that move, while
leaving the rest alone.  I've used this technique to handle all of our
mobile and object needs (Circle also hits every item every  tick, as
well as an attempt to heal each mob every tick)

> MOBProgs are useful mostly for giving flavor to areas, something that you
> don't want to have to code in C because it's simply faster and easier
> to code it in some sort of psuedo-language (like MobProgs).  It also makes
> flavoring in areas available to those people who don't know C, but still
> want some bit of 'fun' in their areas.

Looking at the MOBProgs code, it looks just like a shell script.  It seems
to me that people could learn C almost as easily as the script language.
> Trust me, you will NOT notice the difference between a server running with
> MOBprogs and a server not using them and using C procs instead.

With speed, no, but due to the simplicity of the script language, it
may be evident if extensive and complicated special procedures are used.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a nice feature that could be added
to the code.  But for what I usually end up designing, I think it's
too simplistic.


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