Re: Fixing item holding

From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 06/17/94

| >  Right now anyone seems to be able to hold any items they want, things like
| >swords, armor, etc.  I would like to make it that only items that are set
| >holdable can be held.  Could anyone tell me how to do that, thanks.
| >
| >Celestar
| Ummm...this is a long shot, but how about setting the ITEM_HOLD flag only
| on items that you want players/mobs to be able to hold?
| Ace

Yup, a long shot indeed ;)  It's a code thing, not a tiny* thing.  You are
going to need to check in the code wherever the 'hold' action is dealt with.
The check for the ITEM_HOLD flag is either commented out or removed - probably
just commented out.  Remove the commenting and it should be good to go.


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