From: Patrick Stecker (pstecker@huey.csun.edu)
Date: 06/17/94

	I don't know exactly who the person who made the mobprog, but I
think it's a very cool/neat thing.  I have found a bug?  Of some type?
if it's not a bug, then what can I do to "rectify" this problem.  Here's
the situation:  I've got an area that produces a maximum of 20
bodyguards, and when there are 20 in that same area.  I put in the
routine you gave/someone gave for aggressives which is:

			>greet_prog 100~
			if ispc($n)
			  if isimmort($n)
			    bow $n
			    mkill $n

	Directly out of mobprog.doc.  Now the problem stems from the
fact that a user has time to FLEE if there are a lot of mobs (in this
case 20).  It works just fine with 3 or 4, but when it gets to about 6
or 7, it crashes and in the syslog it says:

MpKill - Victim not in room: vnum <the mob that had the mobprog>

	Is this normal?  I'm sure I can make a spec_proc easily in C,
but that's the whole reason I got this, so I can add them without having
to recompile and find a stupid bug, then recompile again etc etc :).
Also, the reason I like the above is because it attacks you AS SOON AS
you enter the room (doesn't wait a while so users can zip right past
them which is UN-AD&D like heh).  Hints? Helps? Solutions?  I'd
appreciate anything.  Thanks for your time.

"Your time has come and gone.  It's our turn now!"
  -- G'Kar (to Londo), "Midnight on the Firing Line"

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