CMUD better known!!!!!
Date: 06/19/94


In answer of a Mail I send last week I got this:

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>From Sat Jun 18 23:58:56 1994
Subject: Re: Where is CMUD in your FAQ???
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 94 16:10:23 -0500
From: Jennifer Smith <>

>I keep track of your FAQ about Muds, but when ever I read one, I miss
>CircleMUD in your FAQ....
>You can get any info about this Mud on in pub/CircleMUD

Mainly because no one from CircleMUD has ever written up a blurb
for the FAQ.

>BTW, the newest version of TinTin++ is not 1.2.2 but 1.5....


Jennifer Smith
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Well what are we going to do about it????




When ever you feel like it, just say it!!!!!!

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