Idea for 3.x - Rent extraction

From: Simran R. Kumar (
Date: 06/20/94

On an older version of AbsolutMUD (when it was called DepravedMUD), we were
using KitMUD source.  It had a couple for commands that I think may be
useful for Circle.  

One of them was "flick", which allowed immorts to "flick" an item from a
character/mob.  This is very handy in case you leave on of your cool
god-only items lying around.  Flick just takes the item from the char,
whether the char is wearing it or has it in inventory.

The second command was "extractrent". This is basically a "flick" for rent.
If you find that one of that chars has an item that he/she shouldn't, you
can "extractrent <char>" which will load in all the objs' the char has in
rent, you can get the item you need and then use the brother command for
extract rent - "replace rent".  

I have code for the above commands.  I have added flick into our mud, but
have not done so for extractrent/replacerent.  Anyone want it?  Jeremy - do
you think the commands will be useful?


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