From: Simran R. Kumar (
Date: 06/20/94

I'm going to put copies of the "flick", "extractrent" and "replacerent"
code on our ftp site.

The flick code is ready for use for Circle.  It is slightly buggy, as I
have not yet added the code to search through containers.  Any
modifications are welcome and encouraged.

Extract/replacerent have not been converted to Circle yet...I haven't had
the time to do it.  You can if you want, just send me a copy if you do.  :>

I will put them in our pub/Mudding directory, which is accessible by anon
ftp at

The code will be there by 3 PM EST Tuesday, June 21.  I may get a chance to
do it earlier than that, but then again I may not.  In any case, it will be
there by 3 PM at the latest unless something goes wrong.


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