Areas question

From: Alexander J Skrabut (
Date: 06/21/94

I'm coding a shitload of areas (ok, I lie, a handfull =) to save time 
while we all wait for Circle 3.0... I'm using Vamp's Circle3.0 defs for 
dikued.. now.. will we have to make any changes to the wld/mob/obj/zon 
files (besides renaming them to zone#.whatever) so that Circle 3.0 will 
read them?

Also.. why are the mob initial positions set, by default, DO_NOT_USE? I 
remember bumpkins in the shire as POS_SLEEPING.. they were fun to kill.. 
can't do that in Circle? Or am I missing something?

Hmm, any more questions while I'm at it.. Oh, ok, here's one more 
question: Will the "new and improved" docs have lots of nice instructions 
on how to properly add shopkeepers and spec_proc for mobs? I know the 
spec_proc changed, but not how..

I'll shut up now. =) -Adept

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