Re: Player file corruption

From: Simran R. Kumar (
Date: 06/30/94

>Ack! Never had this one happen before..... I was doing what
>I thought was pretty standard word, adding an integer
>to the character information, in more or less the same way I had done
>with races, just adding declarations in structs.h...
>After compiling and starting the MUD, the player files were corrupted.
>Is there a direct cause and effect between these two event, and if so
>is there anything I can do to get my player file back?
>When I try to log on as my imp, it just makes me recreate the
>character EVERY time... ideas for somebody in too deep?
Yup...they are directly related.  If you make a change to the player info
in the structs.h, it will cause a player file corruption.  The only way to
get it back (that I know of) is to replace the player file with the backup
I KNOW you made before you tried any changes. :>

To prevent this from happening later on, just use the extra fields (i think
they are at the end of the specials2  part).

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