Re: last_direction byte

From: Jeff (
Date: 07/01/94

> > that the last_direction byte that ALREADY existed in NPCs made what I
> > was trying to do redundant, since I didn't really want it on PCs anyways.
> > But I do have a question about the last_direction byte: does the game
> > constantly update that byte? The only thing grep turns up is some 
> > references in mobact.c, which I guess means that it updates when the mob
> > spontaneously wanders, BUT does it also update when a charmed mob is
> > ordered to move for instance?
> last_direction is not part of the playerfile in Circle 2.20 or 3.0.  It is
> used in char_special_data of 2.20, which is not part of char_file_u; 3.0
> has redesigned structures as you know if you've looked at 3.0-structs.h
> but it's still not part of any structure written to disk.)

I think the original idea behind last_direction was to encourage mobs
not to pace back between 2 rooms (although it was not implemented
correctly)  It's kind of stupid to have a mob go east, then west, then
back east again (unless, of course, it can't go anywhere else).


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