Re: Status on 3.0? (fwd)

From: Mathue Moyer (mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU)
Date: 07/02/94

Forwarded message:
>From Sat Jul  2 22:24:46 1994
>Date: Sun, 3 Jul 1994 00:22:47 -0500
>From: (Test account for a MUD)
>Message-Id: <>
>To: mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU
>Subject: Re: Status on 3.0?
>You are a f***ing moron!!!! Why the f*** do you always have to be a f***ing smart ass!!  When I read that dude's note, I knoew you would be flaming!!!  YOU JERK OFF!!!!  I HAVE SEEN YOU FLAME FAR TOO MANY TO LET YOU GET AWAY WILTHH IT!!! DIE GOLLUX YOU >

(edited by me)
Certainly hope I didn't offend anybody else as much as this person.  Sincerest
apologies (to anybody but him) if I did.

-Mathue Moyer

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