Flaming, Status, and Circle

From: Michael J. Walter (michael@wariat.org)
Date: 07/03/94

Sorry all, but a bit of flaming seems to be
necessary here.  Not to the degree that mathue 
moyer recieved but still.  If you have been reading
this mailing list, not only should you know that circle
is almost ready for beta release, you should also know
that Jeremy receives at least one note a day asking
how far along he is.  Now, he can either spend 15 minutes
a day answering this repeat mail, or use those fifteen
minutes for more prodictive things.  Perhaps, even 
working on the new code.  So, I have two proposals.
1. People stop asking when circle will be out.
2. Someone answers the mail about when circle will
   be out so Jeremy can work on other things.
I must commend Jeremy's patience though.  By this point
I would have given up on the code and told everyone to
take a flying leap ;)  So, lets be patient, and as a
mailing list should, help remove some of the stress
from Jeremy.

Michael(Tages on mu*s)

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