From: Robert (
Date: 07/04/94

The question specified little C knowledge.  I doubt the person could code 
a special procedure.  On my MUD we also coded something in C to give the 
players items...but for someone who doesn't know C, it might be easiest 
to just add a package to the shopkeeper like Douglas intelligently suggested.


On Mon, 4 Jul 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:

> "Douglas R. Floyd" <> writes:
> > 
> >On Jul 4,  4:02pm, Luis Manuel Lepe wrote:
> >> Subject: NEWBIE STUFF
> >>
> >>    As U may notice I'm not very good in C... so can someone tell me how can I
> >> implement a routine for newbies?
> >>    I want that every new character had someting (newbie kit).
> >>
> > 1:  You could have a weenie monster that is easily killed that has items
> >     on it, and a special newbie area.
> > 
> > 2:  You could have a "newbie pack" that can be purchased at the shop for
> >     free, and have the items inside nonresaleable.
> We wrote a spec_proc to give newbie equipment to players in the temple
> when they prayed.  We found that it's a good idea to make sure the
> player doesn't already have equipment (or they'll drop it everywhere
> in the game) and that there were no objects dropped in the room.
> -Jeff

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