Core dumping (was Re: Starting where you rent)

From: Michael G. Jones (
Date: 07/09/94

> This is interesting.  When my game exits with a seg fault, it doesn't 
> leave a core dump.  Weird.

Most shells allow you to limit the core dump size.  If the core dump
size limit is set to 0, segment faults won't create a core dump.  Look
through the man page of the shell you are using to check for the core 
dump size limit command.

I.e., for bash it's "ulimit -c" and for zsh it's "limit coredumpsize".
Those will show you the current limits.  Provide a size or "unlimited" 
after the command to change it.  Your shell, if different, can and
probably will vary from this.

  -- ByTor/Jackyl

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