From: Jeremy Jarrett (jdjarret@ddt.eng.uc.EDU)
Date: 07/13/94

 While Rent Free might be great for a smaller MUD, i think on a larger scale
it makes the MUD a tad bit unbalanced, and allows low level characaters too
be able to keep to many high leveled type weapons and items. My simple approach
was simply to code in a RENT TOKEN, that i could give only to certain people,
or give to those who went on QUESTS for them. It would do just as the name
applies, allowing the holder to rent for free.
 I also think that a RECALL command might make the game a tad bit unbalanced
unless you make it real hard for them to RECALL while fighting, otherwise it
would be too simple for players to kill higher level mobs, because they could
just HIT, RECALL, HIT, RECALL, etc...
 3.0 should simply have a DEFINE for the rent state. I like the idea of rent,
it sorta adds flavor to a mud, and makes people work for thier equipment :-)


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