DragonCon, July 15-17 (no, not particularly about Circle)

From: Danhiel Baker (dbaker@dcs.uga.edu)
Date: 07/14/94

	I'll be attending DragonCon this weekend and was wondering if anyone
else on this list may be attending (a long shot, but it's nice to meet ppl
in RL occasionally ;).  I'll be posting my room number on the message board in
the Hilton (along with my name, obviously ;) so ppl can track me down there,
or if you mail me by 8:00am eastern I can arrange to meet you some other way.
Yeah, I know this is really close to the con date, and doesn't have much of
anything to do with Circle, but I _will_ have my world-development notes with
me, including a map of the NEW IMPROVED	"Midgaard"... that counts, right? 

I hope to meet at least a few Diku-ers there, and with luck a few ppl from
this list will be going also.


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