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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 07/20/94

VampLestat explains:
| On Mon, 18 Jul 1994, Mathue Moyer wrote:
|> One fairly common approach that, at least in my opinion, works rather well is
|> to change how exp is split for a group kill.  Add up the levels of all the
|> groups members (in the room), and divide the exp to be gained by the total.
|> Then each person receives a portion of the exp proportional to their level.
| The only problem with this is when people mortally wound something, or 
| bring it down to VERY low XP, and then leave the room for the other 
| character to finish off.  Used to do this with ancient trees all the time.
| There should also be a hard xp gain cap based on level.

Hmm.. I'd actually forgotten about that myself... One solution is to simply
change when MOBs die - have them kick off anytime they go below 0 HP, so there
is no 'mortally wounded' stage.  While this would keep an occasional mob from
making a spectacular come-back after 'getting a tick', it'd also keep ppl from
mortalling mobs for other players (and keep newbies from those embarrasingly
long "won't-it-ever-die" fights :).  Of course, players should still die at -10
or less - someone MIGHT heal them, but I've yet to see a mob get healed once
they've been mortalled (disregarding 'restores' from malicious Gods... ;)

Just an idea..


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