Looking for help finding a site

From: Steppin [MOF][DUMF] (grruffin@midway.uchicago.edu)
Date: 07/25/94

Although this is a general request for information, I figured it would make
sense for me to start with other circle coders before I branch out in my
search for information.
I've been coding a circle 2.2-based MUD called ChicagoMUD that does not yet
have a permanent site, and I am looking for someone who could perhaps offer
a site or direct us to someone who could.
ChicagoMUD's unique code-work includes PC races and tongues, as well as a
new system of reaching immortality wherein 30th levels lead armies that have
been assigned to their command against the cities and armies defended by
the MUDs immortals. Features that make this possible include mobile seige
weapons, specially-programmed deployable military units and PC-owned
fortresses, castles, seige towers, and the like, all of which make use of
our own unique house feature.
If any of this strikes you as interesting and you could potentially point
me in the direction of a site, feel free to leave me email so I can answer
whatever you might want to know.
Nino Ruffini
Steppin @ various MUDs

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