Setting up new skills...

From: Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo (
Date: 07/27/94

	I was sneacking through the code, trying to make a test-skill
(circle, as exists  in jedi) but noticed some weird things: how can I
set a new skill if it's said at the spells.h that 52 is the MAX spells
allowed? Can this be changed without affect the rest of the code ?
Could someone send to me a step-by-step description of what to do to
install a new skill/spell/command ? I know this seems lack of will power
but I haven't so much time to look all code to see what must be changed or

	Thanks for any answer (educated ones, of course :-) ) you can
send to me.

			Sergio Macedo
				(Desslar @ 4000)

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