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From: The Chronicler (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 07/27/94

max skill can be more than 52....
else my 80+ skills/spells is somehow not working :-)

anyway...step by step for skill.

#define SKILL_TEST
for right class.....
in other words warrior skills should be right after warrior skills.

ok create the do_test function.
check to make sure SKILL_TEST for (ch) is > prob (look in backstab or something
like that for example)

usually in act.offensive.c or something like that.

then in spec_pro.c modify SPECIAL(guild) to include skill with level too...

(or at least i think thats how you did it...i did so much changing that mine is
vastly different....any other takers....)

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