mass assigning of spec_procs (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 08/01/94 (Giovanni Ruffini) writes:
>I'm looking into the various possible ways of mass assigning special routines
>to certain rooms, such as: every room in a specific zone, every room within a
>specific range of vnums, or every room in a certain area type, etc. I realize
>that (at least with the 1st two options) it's possible to simply go through
>every number and at it to the list in spec_assign, but assuming I wanted to
>do this many times over, it would become quite a hassle. I'd be interested to
>hear input on what the best way to approach a coding modification to allow
>mass assignments of these routines would be.

I'd try using a for() loop, a while() loop, or a do while() loop.
Check out any C handbook or man page for correct usage.


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