Fixed lightsource thing

From: Corrie Engelbrecht (
Date: 08/02/94

If anyone else hasn't already fixed the lightsource thing (where you couldn't)
see in a dark room even with a lightsource), here's the solution:
In the act.informative.c, search for "pitch black..." and change to if above to:
else if ( IS_DARK(ch->inroom) && !PRF_FLAGGED(ch, HOLYLIGHT) && 
          !IS_AFFECTED(ch, AFF_INFRARED) && !ch->equipment[WEAR_LIGHT]){

This also adds support for the infrared spell.
Hope I helped somebody out there.
By the way, does anyone have nice suggestions for the Thief class?
Nice skills or perhaps even a spell(when the thief calls upon the god of Thieve
or whatever).
Appreciate it :)

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