Re: yah, right, the like, mobprogs thing *giggle, vacuous look*
Date: 08/03/94

In message <>  you wrote:
>Well, I have put MobProgs into took about 6 hours of 
>manual cut and replace (patch sucks big fat greasy gopher guts) and a 
>minor error that just happened to leave a huge core dump...but other than
>that, MOBprogs works like a charm. I'm impressed! I suggest ALL that can
>get it's worth the trouble and will make the increase of your MDU
>all that much more.

Glad to see someone is getting some use from this stuff ;)  I will be more
than willing to keep supporting it if you report errors in it to me.  I also
still intend to port it to 3.0 when 3.0 comes out as well as doing some real
cleanup on that code at that time. (IE: yes, this code was just a quick port
done in only a few days.  I don't make any claims about that codes sanity.)


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