Re: Newbies

From: Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo (
Date: 08/04/94

> Just a coupla quick questions....First: when a new player logs on, how 
> can I have it so that he/she either has some money, or a few items to equip?

	What I did was to add a GET_GOLD(d->character) = (value) just after the
do_start in interpreter.c.

	Obviously "value" is to be changed to the ammount of money you want
your newbies receive (I was generous, gave 3k to them). You can also give some
eq  or food:
            i = real_object(3010); /* bread */
            obj_to_char(read_object(i,REAL), d->character);

	I hope this helps...

		Sergio 'Desslar' Macedo

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