Prompt for Enter

From: Greg Gursky (
Date: 08/10/94

I've been running into a problem that just keeps popping up and I have 
decided to fix it.  I need to do a PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE situation where
everything in the mud keeps going while a person is reading a long list 
(with a PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE at the end of every 25 lines).

I assume that the only way to do this is to send all of the data to a 
buffer which would then send it out in the bite-sized morsels.  THe worst 
offender is my 'practice' list.  For an immortal the list is incredibly 
long as I have added around 150 skills and spells.  

I have tried several possibilities and have failed miserably.  if anyone 
has any answers please let me know.

Thanks very much,
Greg Gursky

One other thing.  Something that would help me greatly in debugging would 
be a scroll-back buffer program for Linux.  Essentially i need something 
that will allow me to look at stuff taht has scrolled off the top of the 
screen.  As they are so common for DOS I assume there must be some out 
there.  Please let me know if anyone knows of any.

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