Newbie equip

From: Carter T. Shock (ctso@umiacs.UMD.EDU)
Date: 08/16/94

A while back, Sergio of StrangeMUD (our sister mud ;)
posted some code for equipping newbies. His mods were
in interpreter.c.

Just for general info, I've done it a little differently:

in act.wizard.c in procedure do_start() add these lines at the
end (right after "   ch->player.time.logon = time(0);")

   /* Now give them some nice toys to start with */
   GET_GOLD(ch) = 3000;
   i = -1;

Then at the top (right after the function declaration) add:

   int i;
   int eqlist[] = {3010, /* bread */
                   3102, /* cup */
                   3020, /* dagger */
                   3043, /* leather jacket */
                   3076, /* leather cap */
                   3081, /* leather pants */
                   0};   /* list must terminate with 0 */

This seems like a nicer way to do things. The code is where you would 
expect it to be, and changing the list of starting items is trivial.
The only caveat is that the list MUST have 0 as its last element,
otherwise the while loop will either terminate too early, or never :)

Mine's prettier too :b
<just teasing>


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