r.g.m.d and T$R

From: Sean Mountcastle (smtcastl@liii.com)
Date: 08/25/94

I just noticed Jeff "Teker" Fink mentioned something about T$R and dikuMUDs.
Unfortunately my usenet reader has been screwed-up recently, and I haven't
had a chance to find out whats going on.  Could someone please fill me in?
I was thinking of using some areas that are DragonLance inspired (my own,
and some of farside's like solace....)  Can I do this or will T$R sue my
butt off?  I thought that if I gave them proper credit and followed the
diku-lisence (i.e. not making any profit from other's ideas) then there 
would be no problem....is this so?
    Also, I been checking out ftpsites looking for diku derived Mud code,
and I came across several places that have soem interesting code (esp.
grind.isca.uiowa.edu). Anyway I found TheIsles1.1.tar.gz, checked out
their code (by Locke and Surreality) and in they have something that I
thought was very interesting and fairly simple.  Strings that can be
randomized in the area files (ex. $c is replaced by a random color, and
$l is replaced by a type fabric, when it is loaded) After a feww minutes
of browsing the code I made my own $a which loads type of materials for
weapons and armor (bronze, copper, steel, iron, silver, etc.) so in the
area file $a long sword could become a steel long sword or an obsidian
long sword (pretty neat eh?).  Also another thing, they have a VERY cool
money system that seems easy enough to imp. - you should check it out if you
get the chance.
     Anyway, sorry for such a long mail, and I look forward to hearing
replies to my initial question.  (Sorry for such a long paragraph about
TheIsles - I am in no way affiliated with TheIsles nor do I know Locke or
Surreality (sp?), nor am I saying that their Merc Based code is better than
any other.........)  Thanks for your time :)

- Sean  

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