From: Aaron J. Millis (aaron@WPI.EDU)
Date: 08/26/94

Ok . .
I have (had) a mud up and running (Circ2.2) and had edited 
majorly to the wld files and such, but could not change the code due to the
fact that for some reason the gcc compiler was missing from the system
(though the man pages were there for it).
I had edited the src codes at my account on an Ultrix system and using 
gcc to compile it.  It had been edited successfully and would compile 
at my home account.  
However, when I attempt to compile it at the mud account which is
a SunOS system, there are errors when I use cc for the compiler.

I have tried using any of the four settings listed in the Makefile,
and all do not compile it.  I have attempted to download and compile
gcc 2.6.0 and still have not had success with it.

Someone, please help me out here.  I have gotten my new update to compile
at my account and just cant at the mud account.

Is there a way to compile using just cc, on a SunOS system and avoid 
using the Makefile?

I am a bit frustrated cuz something I did wiped all changes that were 
made to the old setup even though I was in an entirely new directory when 
I did the new compilings.

Thank god for player file back ups ...


(who cant wait till 3.0 comes out :)

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