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From: Stefan Hudson (hudson@usw.nps.navy.mil)
Date: 08/29/94

I hate to drag this topic into the ground, but after all this talk
about the TSR thing, I wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking
the copyright myself. 

I used to run the Amiga version of CircleMUD on my BBS. It is a
multiline public board, and the MUD became extremely popular
shortly after it was installed, since Internet was not available
in this area. The BBS also has other services,
including a couple CD-ROM drives, 1.5 GB of freely distributable
software, other online games, UseNet, Internet mail, etc. 
All users get an hour of time online per day, during which they
can use the system anyway they want, including playing the MUD.
If they want extra time, they are required to pay for it.

Was this OK? There was no specific charge for the MUD, just for
extra time on the BBS.

Since then, we have added a PeeCee running Linux that is connected
to the Amiga over ethernet. This machine is being used as a general
network service machine, and has our UUCP feed, email, and will have
our Internet connection when/if we get it. It is also running
the CircleMUD now. 

We would like to make the network accessable by paying members
only. Members would be allowed to use any of the services on the
Unix machine, and on any others that might be on the net in the

However, since the MUD is on the Unix machine, would this be
a violation of the license? The networking hardware was purchased
by the members of the system, so it seams reasonable to only
allow the members to use the network.

Please tell me your thoughts on these items. I don't want to offend
anyone if I can avoid it.
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