From: Mr. Wizard (jsbarrow@fas.harvard.edu)
Date: 08/30/94

I'm not sure how many of you have your builders using Dikued, but I got a 
copy of Dikued 1.0 and didn't like using it much at all.  I decided to 
mess with the code a bit and I made the following changes:

Modified ilist, mlist and rlist to take a zone number as an argument to 
narrow the search to a specific zone.

Modified all the output routines so that those stupid ~'s are filtered out.

Fixed the action description code so that you can actually remove one 
once it is set.

Changes the output of all long descriptions, extra descriptions, action
descriptions, etc. to be aligned with the left edge of the screen (as you
would see it in the game>.

Altered all lists printed to have each list entry seperated by commas.

And a few other minor changes.

Since Circle 3.0 will have on-line building, this revamp of Dikued was 
probably not even worth the time.  However if anyone is interested in 
getting a copy for UNIX or Linux, I can make arrangements to distribute 
it to you.

Accompanying it are two simple programs which do:

1.  Take the *.obj, *.mob, *.wld and *.zon files and merge them together 
to form the world.* files for use with Dikued.

2.  Take the world.* files and seperate them into the *.obj, *.mob, *.wld 
and *.zon files for use with your Circle MUD.

I found this convienant for making changes to a lot of zones at once.  
(Thats what inspired me to alter ilist, mlist and rlist to take a zone 
number as an argument.)  Its also handy to be able to list existing 
objects and mobiles when creating a new zone.  That way you don't have to 
recreate leather pants for each zone, or memorize all the vnums of 
objects when creating zones.

Anyway, the revamped Dikued is done, and I am wrapping up the two 
auxillary programs over the next few days.  Let me know if any of this 
interests you.

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