Re: banning sites/accts
Date: 09/01/94

> 1.  You can compile a mailing list to notify users of site changes, 
> announcements, changes, etc..

For this you can use the bin/sign utility.

A lot of people log in via the user id of someone else, who don't like to
receive the mailings about such things. They give their password to others
in trust they don't abuse it.
> 2.  When you have a _REAL_ problem, you can contact the system 
> administrator of the person's site and have a userid in hand to work with.

Many user connect their own Linux box to te internet and are their
own sysop,
So you don't know WHO the other side is. This problem will only be solved
when every individual has it's own ear implanted identification device.

> Obviously this isn't a major part of running a MUD, or a thing that would 
> be a high priority change.  However I still feel it would have its uses. 
You can ask people at sign up time for an email address to inform them
about things. I would prefer such a host. I personally hate uninvited mail,
either the paper or the electronic variant. (send flames to dev/null).

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