Singular and plural objs

Date: 09/04/94

I noticed that when you have an object with a plural sdesc (ie
'some marbles'), you still get all the msgs as if it were singular.

I had thought of creating a new obj flag for this (ie PLURAL_OBJ or
something silly like that), but this would be a tedious way of doing
things due to the work involved in adding it in to all the plural objs,
also it would make areas incompatible with other ones...thus I was
wondering if anyone else had come to face this problem, and if not,
if anyone has any ideas for solutions to it. (:


P.S. Please excuse the lack of grammar and spelling ability as it
just happens to be 4am here....

Alex Fletcher c/o The Fantastic Furry World
                       Located at  3RAF7@QUCDN.QueensU.CA

In the immortal words of Bob MacKenzie, 'Take off, Eh?'

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