Re: Political problems with imortals... (fwd)

From: VampLestat (
Date: 09/06/94

On Tue, 6 Sep 1994, Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo wrote:

> > > If you want to make life REALLY easy on yourself:
> > > 1) Don't let immorts do anything
> > > 2) Only promote people you really trust past immort level
> > > 3) Have a no-reimbursement policy
> > > Makes life really easy.
> > > -Jeff

Agreed.  I'd also add that its also a good idea not to "auto-immort" 
people.  Only give immortal status to people you can trust with it, not 
just any slob that manages to gather up enough XP.

> > are a bunch of ways to do this.  My favorite is to seperate the MUD into 
> > level mortals.  And from time to time they can ascend down to the mortal 
> > plane and get involved in things.
> 	Never thought the thing that way. It's a great idea. Besides, it'll
> give the immortals something to do that in't annoy or over-help the mortals.

If immorts get involved in player affairs, they will always be capable of 
helping some players in an unfair way.  You need to have immorts that you 
trust, not just anyone with sufficient experience.

> 	Although I agree with the immortal planes, I think that I'll have
> to make some changes in the code I don't want to implement now (not with the
> 3.0 about to be released). Perhaps the better way to deal with it would be
> just immort the people I really trust.

Now you've got it... 

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