dsave queues (fwd)

From: Jeff (jfink@csugrad.cs.vt.edu)
Date: 09/07/94

thc@interaccess.com writes:
> I was messing around with some ideas last nite and came up with one I want
> to toss out..
> What about save queues for character saving? Just setting up a simple
> queue that works in the game loop at whatever pulse has been
> hardcoded in.

Queues work really well, and they're something that DIKU is sorely
lacking.  For example, the track function could be made to have the
person tracking move, if they get queued to move.  Thus, mobiles can
track PCs (and hunt them down and kill them), objects can display
messages every n ticks, and characters can get saved every now and
then.  Queueing in general is going to be less efficient than hitting
everything at once, but because it's spread out over time, you won't
get one long lag.  Also keep in mind that if all mobiles were queued
to perform their mobile actions, you wouldn't even have to queue them
all, since a good bit of mobs just stand and wait for PCs (our figure
was about 16% of mobs that didn't need to ever go through mobact).


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