Question of trusting immortals
Date: 09/08/94

I think the question of the immortals on a mud is very
important, perhaps one of the most important considerations in
administrating a mud.  If you are trying to run a large mud, you
HAVE to have a good number of immortals that you trust to help you out.

I have attempted to admin a large mud by myself.  It is impossible.
There are just too many questions, problems, bitches, gripes, you
name it to deal with alone.

So every mud needs a 'staff' of immortals to help out.  How can you trust
them to run your game?  IMHO, the best people you can have to
help you admin your mud is real life friends.  You can indeed trust
these people.  Sometimes however, your real life friends aren't
interested in muds. (What?  Non-mud-related friends! No waaaay!!)

So you have to trust people you don't know 'personally'.  At that point
go with people you have known on the net a long time.  The longer you
have known someone, the better you are likely to be.  

In all cases, keep a very sharp eye on them.  Even your personal friends can
get carried away with their 'duties'.  This can indeed be unintended.
The same goes for the imp in many ways.  :)

Thats what friends are for I suppose. :)


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