Dikued (circle def) for Amiga

From: Jonathan Wood (suisol@grfn.ORG)
Date: 09/14/94

	Not sure how many Amiga CircleMUD people are on this this as I am 
quite new to the list. I have uploaded a port of dikued vers. 1 pl2 to 
ftp.cs.jhu.edu and it should be in the /pub/CircleMUD/submissions dir
at this time. If you have questions, complaints, bug reports or suggestions,
please feel free to Email me or respond on the list (if that is a no-no,
someone slap me and send me hate mail).

	I also have a few code bits that I would like to add to the list,
but I am still waiting because they might be things that have been covered
before and I don't wanna get laughed outta here :). Just in case I throw out
a couple subjects of things I have added and you can respond if they 
sound interesting.

	Matching of abbreviated arguments ( kill gu == kill first mob/player
					    with a name beginning with gu ie
					    guard...same go for all args)

	Almost finished with a rewite of the Mobprograms port to Circle
		(Am I the only one who found this code buggy at best and 
		in my case none functional?)

have a few others....but don't wanna waste all your time.


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