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From: Mark Shapiro (mshapiro@csc.com)
Date: 09/18/94

According to you:
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> I can't remember if I posted this earlier, and if I did, I apologize.
> I have noticed that when someone goes linkdead, you can't disconnect them,
> you really can't do anything but force them to quit, which puts them into a
> a limbo.  I have heard several times that linkdead, but still connected
> people tend to be a drag on the system, is this true, and if so, is there
> some code that can be implemented that will automatically boot them comple
> completely off the mud in 5 ticks, or when a 33+ issues the command?
> Just wondering...
> Vampyr.

Try going to the room they're in <limbo, after some period of time>
and purging them.  When a character goes linkdead <I think> it automatically
saves the character and their equipment.  When you purge them, it frees 
up the pointers and removes them from the game completely. 

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