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From: Brett M. Turner (
Date: 09/27/94

On Tue, 27 Sep 1994, Aaron J. Millis wrote:

> Someone please explain something to me.
> Core, what is this file, do I need to keep it?
> I have one that is 10 meg . . .its a bit bulky . . . and I don't remember it
> being this big . . .

I will indeed bite my tongue.. and not flame you into a gaseous form....

The core is the most important tool you will ever use in debugging your 
mud.  The 'core' file when read with a good debugger software. gdb, dbx 
are the most commonly used.  Read the man pages on one of the two listed 

When the mud crashes.. the core is 'dumped' to disk.  The file is a 
binary image of what was in memory.  Hence.. if you read that file you 
can see where the problem was.. and hopefully, fix it.

if you use gdb or dbx.. cd into the /lib  and type this..

gdb ../bin/circle core

you will get some copyright babble and then type


Let me know via email if you have problems.. It will save marble the work 
of having to send personal mail to 120 people.


    Brett M. Turner                          
                Yaz  -- HexOnyx MUD -- 7777

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