Circle 3.0bpl4 on a Linux

From: Alvin Corey Tan (
Date: 09/28/94

Just out of curiosity, how many guys have gotten the latest Circle
beta with patch level 4 running on their Linux box already? It
compiledwith quite a few "warning: `var' may be used uninitialized
in this function" warnings for me. I've yet to go thru' these but
there were quite a few to start with. When I eventually tried to 
bring the compiled copy up, I got the following sequence before it

Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Running game on port 4000.
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Using lib as data directory.
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Opening mother connection.
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Setting player limit to 50
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Boot db -- BEGIN.
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Resetting the game time:
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 ::    Current Gametime: 2H 24D 13M 121Y.
Wed Sep 28 17:08:18 :: Reading news, credits, help, bground, info & motds.
Segmentation fault

If any of you Linux guys have no problems with your version, did
you by any chance changed the lib/text/ files? I replaced it with the
old one from my Circle 2.20, and since it cored while reading those in,
I wonder if that could be the problem. *smirk* Well anyway, laters...


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