Re: a little admission

From: Alvin Corey Tan (
Date: 09/28/94

Hey.. i'd like to look at the newbie package :) It's just
what I've been thinking of. Also, while we're at this, has
anybody adjusted at least their 2.20 versions to use more
than 30 levels? I'm thinking of 50 mortal levels and 10
wizlevels. Also, I don't believe there is a database scan
command to match (regexp? :) obj or mob names and give you
the numbers associated with them. That is extremely useful.
Also, how using where for locating people/mob and locate
for locating objects? Having both the area number where the
obj/people is at and the object number in the list would
be nice. Is there any plan to add multiple attacks too?
SPEC on weapons and objects would be nice too. Hmmm.. I
think these are pretty reasonable additions to expect.
Anyway, don't be flaming me for suggesting all those. I'm
just wondering who or if any ofthese are planned. :)


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