Re: Synchronizing doors... (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 09/29/94

>> A door is not always a "door".  Some doors you don't want synchronized.  
>> A one way portal for example.  There are times when one side should be 
>> open, and the other closed, one side locked and the other unlocked. 
> 	But a friend of mine is building an area that caused a segmentation
> fault at the first reset 'cuz the doors weren't sync'ed... When we cut out the
> doors updating, the zone ran perfectly... Any idea on what happened (besides
> lack of sync) ?

The most common zone crashbug occurs when someone tries to close/lock a
door at a room & direction where an exit does not exist (isn't defined
in the .wld file)


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